Friday, November 29, 2019

North Coast Transition House Society outlines housing options offered across the City

One of the units of the fully occupied
Crow's Nest Lodge, as the cold weather
continues to hold, some in Prince
Rupert still don't have anywhere
to stay in the night
With the weather having taken a significant turn towards the cold, the local agency which provides for much of the social for those most in need has taken to its social media options to share some of the options available for residents in the community.

In the post from November 27th, the North Coast Transition Society noted that they had provided for housing for 101 people in all of their facilities on November 26th, an indication as to the volume of people that found a warm place to be in the heart of our cold snap, though as a further reading of their notes would show, some still were forced to find their own space owing to the lack availability.

Transition House Society, which operates five housing options in Prince Rupert and Port Edward outlined the focus for each and answered questions from the public about some of the services offered and challenges that are found.

Among the overview:

The work of the Ravens Keep Transition House, a fifteen bedroom safe house for women and children.

Eagles Landing, Transitional Apartments on Park Avenue

The Grey Owl Retreat in Port Edward, which feature eight units of seniors housing.

Crow's Nest Lodge, the newly built housing facility on Park Avenue which features 36 units

The Third Avenue Shelter, the location for those without homes to have a warm and safe place for the night.

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One of the first things that jumps out from their overview, is the fact that most, if not all of the housing options they offer are already at full capacity.

And in the case of the homeless shelter, which is there for those in immediate emergency need, they have had to turn away people during these recent cold nights.

The Transition House Society explained that situation concisely as part of an exchange back and forth with those who viewed their Facebook post over the last few days.

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The comments provide a glimpse as to the appreciation of the public towards their work as well as the concerns from the public over the still large need for more accommodation for those in need.

That's a topic that both the City Council members and MLA Jennifer Rice may wish to address and provide some updates for the public on, particularly as we head into the deeper part of the winter months and the need grows greatest for those in the most need.

You can explore the range of notes on the Transition House Society options, as well as the comments, questions and suggestions from the public here.

For more notes related to housing see our archive page here.

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