Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Library set to allow you to clean your slate through December

If you've been a little tardy in the return of your Library materials from the Prince Rupert Library you can seek out a little forgiveness in December, as they bring back the annual program of clearing our accounts if required with Clean Slate December.

This year the House of Knowledge on Sixth Avenue West is offering three ways to reduce your overdue account issues from December 1st to 31st.

Among the options for forgetful Rupertites:

Food for Overdue fines: For every non-perishable unexpired food item that you bring in to the Library they will forgive two dollars from your overdue fines.  Food that is received will be forwarded to the Prince Rupert Food Bank.

Say Good Readance to Late Fines:  This option is open to all ages, simply drop into the Library and sign up for the project, for every fifteen minutes of reading in the Library, they will take one dollar of of overdue fines.  That works out to four dollars off for every hour of reading you do in the library, we'll leave it to you to work out the math for your own personal situation ...

Amnesty Month: The third option is for those library users who have items that are more than one year overdue and are unsure of how much they owe.  For December only, the Library will accept those items back and waive the overdue fines on your account. However, that is only if the items are not damaged and remain in good condition and as long as they item is still registered as checked out on your account and note deleted or replaced.

To find out the status of your account you can drop into the library and inquire at the Front Desk or call them at 250-627-1345

To keep up with some of the many programs and latest news from the Prince Rupert Library see their website and Facebook page here.

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