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Rotary Auction puts the wrap on the first lap of three nights of bargains and much more

Jack Payne was the host for the Opening segment as the
2019 Prince Rupert Rotary Auction got underway on Monday night
(Image from CityWest feed)

Jack Payne rang in the first of the bargains Monday night at the Prince Rupert Rotary Auction, the familiar face at the auctioneers desk ringing the Rotary Bell at 6:36 PM, selling off the first listings of many to be available over the course of the three nights within the first six minutes of the broadcast for Prince Rupert's annual tradition.

With that first of many items on its way to successful bidders, the Auction was underway for the first four hours (and a bit) of the three night run.

Along the way on opening night viewers would also have a chance to learn more about some of the Rotary projects, the first of the videos providing for a Masters Course on Rotary Service from Professor John McNish, the long serving member of the service club called on his vast number of memories of the club to recount the impact that the Club has had on the community.

Long time Rotarian John McNish
was featured in one
video presentation on night one
Among some of the historical notes of interest, a time from the 1930's when Rotary stepped in to provide financial assistance to the City of Prince Rupert (which Mr. McNish noted the city did pay back) during the financially troubled times of that era.

As well, he recounted the assistance in the development of the Friendship House on Fraser Street in the 1950's another example of how the Rotary has served the community.

Mr. McNish who has served with Rotary for over 60 years is perhaps the most recognizable Rotarian in the community and his vignette captured much of what the Club is about and what those who join can also take from the service club program.

Through the course of the evening, there would also be a number of short video themes presented on some of the local businesses and organizations that have contributed to the Rotary Cause with items for bid, the videos providing some background on those who donated and what their business or organization is all about.

Also featured in a video presentation was German exchange student Rebecca Jansen, who outlined her time in Prince Rupert at Charles Hays Secondary for interviewer Michael Gurney, she also put the spotlight on some of the elements of the Rotary exchange program, which a number of Prince Rupert students have taken part in over the years.

Ms. Jansen was also put to work on the night on the debut broadcast, sharing the details of the items for bid as part of the final panel of presenters on the evening.

And with the ring of the Rotary Bell, Michael Gurney declared 
Night Number one of the Rotary Auction complete
(Image from CityWest feed)

Michael Gurney, who is the General Manager of the host venue the Lester Centre of the Arts, served as the night's final auctioneer, known for his puns and well timed asides, kept the pace of the night's final hour or so on track for the most part, though the first night production did require a little extra time to fit in all the items that have been generously donated by local businesses and organizations.

Gurney rang the bell for the final time heading towards the 10:45 mark, bringing down the curtain on night number one.

The Rotarians do it all again tonight at 6:30. If you missed some of the first night video features, there's a good chance you can catch a replay sometime during the course of the final two evenings of the Auction.

You can explore the many items up for bid from the Rotary website here.

The number to call to make your bid is 250-627-8666

The remaining two nights for the Rotary Auction will be found on a number of platforms, delivered to the community by way of  CityWest Community TV at Channel 10 or 310 HD, or through the CityWest's online stream or a link from the Rotary Auction website.

As well, you can just pop into the Lester Centre to see how the  showcase comes together as Rotarians and their guests take to the air for four hours each night.

For updates on the Rotary Auction as the three days move forward follow the Rotary Facebook page and keep an eye on the #RupertRotary twitter feed  for  notes from the Lester Centre as the show goes on.

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