Wednesday, November 13, 2019

School District 52 taking bids on demolition projects for Kanata and Seal Cove Schools

The days are dwindling for Kanata School as SD 52 moves forward
with their plans for demolition of two long closed east side Schools.
With Kanata and Seal Cove schools set to be gone before the spring.

School District 52 is making plans for the long anticipated demolition of two of the School District's inventory of closed schools, with a Request for Bids now posted with BC Bids,  for work on two east side schools, Kanata School and Seal Cove School.

As we outlined earlier this summer, the School District has been moving towards the demolition project for much of the year, having issued a previous bid for abatement work in preparation for the final tear down plans set to take place before the spring of 2020.

When it comes to the upcoming schedule for demolition, the information package for prospective contratcors, which was released by the District last week provides the blueprint and scope of the project ahead:

Mobilization and demobilization from Sites; Removal and disposal of Kanata Elementary School building; Decontamination, demolition and off-site disposal of the Kanata Elementary School’s underground storage tank.

Removal and disposal of Seal Cove School building; and Decontamination, demolition and off-site disposal of the Seal Cove School’s underground storage tank.

Together with all items of work associated with developing site access, construction site security, quality management (such as inspection and testing requirements) and construction environmental management (such as bird nesting surveys, erosion and sediment control, treated water testing), (collectively, the "Services")

All of the work is to be carried out with consideration being given to a focus on value to the School District, landfill waste reduction, and Project budget.

The School District has also provided some background information related to the demolition project, which outlines their expectations from the successful bidder:

Be the Prime Contractor and defined in the Workers’ Compensation Act and Occupational Health & Safety Regulations; and must meet or exceed WorkSafe BC guidelines. 

Submit a Waste Management Plan indicating the transport method and finial destination of the removed materials. 

Suggested Waste Management methods include, but are not limited to:

Crushing concrete to less than 37, minus and stockpiling for the School District.

Recycling of paper and metal debris (books, desks, etc.) 

Chipping of clean wood waste for use as landfill cover at the Prince Rupert Landfill (Proponents to confirm and coordinate with landfill directly) 

Recycling of asphalt and metal elements. Remove and dispose of underground storage tanks, in accordance with provincial regulations. 

Consultant to be onsite during excavation and removal. Remediate surrounding soils, if needed. Backfill excavation to existing grades and safe condition. 

Be responsible for all disposal and/or landfill fees. Follow safe work procedures should be followed when disturbing materials that contain silica or lead paint. 

 The timeline towards the demolition is as follows:

Receipt of Proposals December 3rd, 2019

Preferred Proponent Notified  December 17, 2019

Project to be completed before March 31, 2020

Submissions of bids are to be directed towards the Secretary Treasurer (School Demolition Project) School District 52 Prince Rupert, 634 6th Avenue East, Prince Rupert BC

A site visit has been arranged for interested contractors for November 21st

A full overview of the project, which includes further documentation and industrial drawings can be accessed through the BC Bid Site.

For more items of interest related to SD52 see our archive page here.

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