Thursday, November 21, 2019

Rotary Auction wraps up another successful run of fundraising in Prince Rupert

Scott Farwell, Bob Payne and Rosa Miller put the wrap on the
2019 Rotary Auction last night from the Lester Centre

(Screenshot from CityWest)

After twelve hours over the course of three nights, Prince Rupert's Rotarians can step away from the bright lights and big stage of the Lester Centre of the Arts and take stock of how the 55th edition of the annual event rolled out.

With Scott Farwell, Rosa Miller and Jack Payne bringing the Auction into the homestretch on Wednesday evening, the bargains were leaving the Lester Centre as fast as the auction bell could sound, with the Rotary Auction benefiting from the generosity of the city's business, industrial and community sector by the way of over 650 items donated for bids over the three nights.

As the evening moved forward, volunteer drivers were dispatched to deliver the goods, with any remaining items by nights end destined for a delivery sometime today.

North Coast residents responded to wide choice of the listings, with many of the items up for bid going for above the suggested price on the bid sheets, providing Rotarians with a growing pool of funds for the year ahead to put towards their various community projects.

And the winners are ... Rotary  President Lori Wilson,
assisted by exchange student Rebeccas Janson
 announced the winners of the two Rotary draws
from the three nights of the Auction

(Screenshot from CityWest)

As last night was the Grand Finale for the three night show, the major draws took place at the end of the Wednesday broadcast with the popular 750 tickets and the Grand Prize award of a travel voucher from Quadra Travel taking place.

For the 750 draw the winners were:

Brian Sullivan -- $1,500 dollars
Kate Toye -- $750 dollars
Hans Seidemann --  $250 dollars  

Rotarians rolled out the Big Drum for the Grand Finale on Wednesday
(Screenshot from CityWest)

The Grand Prize of the Travel Voucher from Quadra Travel went to Bob Kilbury, who can use the 1,000 dollar certificate towards whatever travel plans that they may have.

The entries for the voucher came from all of those participants who made successful bids on items during the three nights of the Auction.

Rotary has not tallied up the final numbers from this years event. Once they do, they will provide a recap through their Facebook page, which at the moment features a number of photos from this years event.

For more notes on Community events in Prince Rupert, including some of our previous notes on this years Auction see our archive page here.

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