Thursday, November 14, 2019

Beach Place Sewer and Storm infrastructure replacement next up on the City's to do list

Beach Place may be the host of the next Big Dig for the City of Prince Rupert

The City's ongoing efforts towards remediation of its aging infrastructure will see some work set for the Beach Place area of the city. Towards the work, the city of Prince Rupert has put out a request for Bids for the job set for the west/central area of the city.

The project which will remove existing sewer and storm drain infrastructure and replace it with new material is just the latest of similar style projects to be taken on in recent months.

Among some of the key areas of scope for the project include:

Proponents are to provide all traffic controller and devices needed to accomplish the works.

Excavated materials to be removed off site with Landfill tipping fees to be waived (iii)

Remove and discard of 130 meters of existing Sanitary main, place and install approximately 130 meters of Sanitary pipe 

Remove, supply and replace two  Sanitary manholes, place and install approximately 130 meters of Storm pipe 

Supply and install two Storm manholes 

Supply and Install twenty Sanitary clean outs and eighteen Storm clean outs at property line (minimum 2% grade) 

Clean outs (sanitary and storm) to be installed into existing services with little to no interruption of existing services

Sanitary clean out to be installed at existing sanitary services at property line 

Storm clean out installed in same trench as sanitary clean out. Storm line to be capped past property line. 

Supply and place approximately 1000m3 of import fill as per City and MMCD Specifications 

As well, as the project moves forward, the proponent is to maintain sanitary services for effected households during construction, with the work area to be reinstated in exact or better condition.

A look at the City's map of areas of work for their Beach Place project

The timeline towards the project has a deadline for bids from proponents set for 2 PM on Tuesday, November 19th, however, the date for the actual work to get underway and for completion has yet to be determined.

An information meeting for the project is scheduled for this afternoon at 2 PM at the site of the work to be done at 11th Street and Beach Place.

The Request for Bids was posted to the BC Bid website on November 8th, you can access the documentation related to it from the government site.

For more notes related to the city's ongoing work on infrastructure see our archive page here, as well you can review some of the city's previous Request for Bids from our archive here.

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