Friday, November 15, 2019

Another bit of North Coast Innovation on the Prince Rupert waterfront

The Prince Rupert solution to maintenance work was in motion
on the Ridley island waterfront this week

(photo from Coast 2000 twitter feed)

Coast Terminals which works the Prince Rupert waterfront at Ridley Island is showing off some of the ingenuity that keeps goods moving out of the Port of Prince Rupert.

A recent interruption to their operations at Ridley came with a planned outage for work on their dumper system, requiring a made in Prince Rupert solution to the issue.

To keep the product moving, Coast Terminals made use of a newly delivered Straddle excavator to pick up the slack during the maintenance work.

The creative solution meant little in the way of down time for suppliers as product continued to move to export destinations from the Ridley Island facility.

They show off the work around plan here.

Up in the air, soon for the ground, a straddle excavator comes
ashore at Ridley Island last week
photo from Coast 2000 twitter feed)

A previous video from last week showcased the skill of unloading large cargo, as crews at the Ridley Site unloaded the excavator during some of the challenging wind conditions of earlier this month.

The terminal is a partnership between the Vancouver office and Coast Tsimshian Resources, which operates a number of shipping facilities on the North Coast and expanding the footprint of area First Nations into the economic foundation for the community.

You can learn more about the operations from Coast2000 website

 Some further items of note on the Coast Tsimshian Resources investments can be explored here.

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