Wednesday, September 25, 2019

City opens Request for Proposals process for Sewer Inspection project

An inspection and review of some of the city's sewer system is up for bid
From the City of Prince Rupert

The wonders of flow and the physical condition of our sewer infrastructure make for the next item on the To Do list for the City of Prince Rupert, with a new Request for Proposals with the Bid BC process seeking out qualified proponents to conduct a review of those pipes that are out of sight, but perhaps not out of mind.

The notice was posted on Monday at the provincial site, with Hans Seidemann, the City's Manager of Community Development designated as our man of the Sewers, tagged as the Civic official who will be overseeing the process for the City.

The focus of the study is the Outfall I catchment area which collects the wastewater flow and directs it towards the outfall at George Hills Way and Dry Dock Road.

The review of our sewer infrastructure system is to serve as part of the City's long term plans for sewage treatment.

The Scope of the Project features Five elements for the successful applicant to work on.

It notes that the services for the Project will comprise the preparation of a set of reports characterizing the function of sub-catchments within the Outfall I catchment area to include, without limiting:

(i) the confirmation and/or establishment of location and sizing of all pipes and connections within the sub-catchment areas, 

(ii) an inspection and condition assessment of the existing sewer and storm collection system assets, both constructed and natural, 

(iii) the measurement of sewer and storm flows at various points within the sub-catchment areas, 

(iv) the measurement of local precipitation, and; 

(v) an estimation of the 1:100 year flood for the sub-catchment areas based on the data gathered in the field

The timeline will see the visual inspections, assessments and monitoring of flow to be completed by December 31st, with the Report to be delivered by February 28, 2020.

The City will be holding an Information Meeting for proponents on October 2nd at City Hall, where further information related to the overview of the project and requirements of the RFP will be outlined.

The Application deadline for the bids is 2PM on October 21st with all correspondences to be addressed to Mr. Seidemann

The full overview of the project, including an extensive collection of maps of the sewer infrastructure can be accessed at the BC Bid website.

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