Monday, September 23, 2019

With one month until the election, Conservatives show gains on NDP lead in Skeena Bulkley Valley

The weekly numbers from 338 Canada continue to indicate that the NDP are likely to hold the Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding, should trends thus far continue in the final four weeks of the campaign. With the latest numbers showing Taylor Bachrach with a 2.7 percent lead over Claire Rattée of the Conservatives.

However, it may be wise not to count those votes as in the bank just yet, as Ms. Rattée shows some gains on the front runner, having brought in 1.5 percent in additional support over the last seven days.

Between the two candidates, they share 68.5 percent of all projected popular vote for October 21st.

The largest hit of the week went to the Liberal Party which has seen its support decline by 1.3 percent over that same period of time, the Greens realized a slight increase of just under one percent from week to week.

The Peoples' Party of Canada pretty well held to their constant support of less than 3.5% of declared support since the election campaign got under way in August.

Whether the introduction of two new Independent candidates for Skeena-Bulkley Valley will have any impact on the totals moving into November remains to be seen, but as it looks at the moment, the race is clearly a two party competition, with the work door to door set to be a key factor heading towards election day.

Mr. Bachrach's ability to hold the vote so far that long supported former MP Nathan Cullen, seems to be all that stands between the Conservatives and a sweep of Northern British Columbia.

With 338 Canada indicating that the Tories are set to claim the three remaining seats with little in the way of worry.

Despite the Prime Minister's very visible troubles of last week, the majority of the reports explored by 338 Canada continue to show positive trends for the Liberals, with the party on track to collect the largest share of seats on election day, though just short of a majority government.

You can track all of the work of 338Canada here.

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