Thursday, September 26, 2019

New Look website greets Port Edward residents providing for wider range of information

It's a brand new look for Port Edward's introduction to the world, with the District launching a modern looking website portal that serves to provide the latest information for residents and would be residents alike.

Many of the features of the old website have migrated to the new version, with the new launch providing for a task bar at the top of the page for navigation to key areas of note.

Among the categories:

Information about the community
Opportunities to explore
Details on District Council work
A section that highlights the services offered by the District
News features and
Options on how to contact officials in the community

From the additional elements, the explore option makes note of the some of the key features of the community such as the North Pacific Cannery Historical Site, Anglican Church, Tot Park, Skateboard Park and such.

For Residents the Public Notice section offers up the latest advisories, and expands on the information related to them, while the News Releases provides updates on some of the latest items of note from the District.

The popular District Update page is also available, with a catalogue of past notes also included as part of that dedicated section.

The District also dips a toe into the world of Social Media, with links towards a Facebook page and Instagram feed available (the latter to this point focused on features from North Pacific)

You can take the new look out for a test drive here.

For more items of interest from the District see our archive page here.

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