Saturday, September 14, 2019

Cow Bay waterfront the place to be Saturday! As Tea Party takes place on HMCS Calgary, along with an unscheduled visit from the Cruise Ship Island Princess

Prince Rupert's Waterfront a busy place Saturday, as the Lt. Governor's Tea, hosted by the visiting naval vessel HMCS Calgary and a surprise stop over by  the Cruise Ship Island Princess all provided for the backdrop for the the hectic afternoon for the Cow Bay area.

From 2 PM on, Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin and Commander Jonathan Kouewenberg, the Commanding Officer of HMCS Calgary welcomed a steady stream of visitors to the tea, who made their way to the Northland Cruise Terminal by foot.

With some interested observers arriving at the same location by boat from the visiting cruise ship.

The weather provided for an enjoyable time for the guests for most of the afternoon, though the flight deck of the Calgary provided an excellent vantage point to watch an approaching weather system that arrived quickly around 4PM.

Once they wrap up their hosting duties at Northland Terminal today, the Lieutenant Governor and the ship will be making the crossing over to Haida Gwaii as the tour of the region continues into Sunday

The Island Princess anchored just off the Cow Bay Docks shuttled
passengers back and forth through the day today to the Northland Terminal

Waterfront watchers were also treated to a visit from the cruise ship Island Princess which arrived in town in the early hours of Saturday morning for the unscheduled stop on the Prince Rupert cruise calendar.

With  HMCS Calgary in place at the Cruise Terminal, the cruise ship went to an anchorage just to the North of the Cow Bay Docks.

With the usual disembarkation space unavailable, those of the 2000 plus passengers that were aboard were able to check out the city by way of shuttle boats that transited visitors back and forth to the Customs building at Northland through the day.

And judging by the volume of people downtown and the variety of languages heard through the afternoon, a large number of those on the Island Princess took advantage of the chance to explore some uncharted (for the itinerary that is) territory for the Saturday

The vessel serves the Princess Cruise Alaska schedule from its home port of Vancouver

According to the Port of Prince Rupert listings, the vessel is scheduled for a 6 PM departure.

Princess lines currently does not have Prince Rupert as a Port Call, hopefully the city's quick response for hospitality might pay off in future seasons; giving Princess Cruise lines some thoughts of adding Prince Rupert to the itinerary after their short drop in visit to the North Coast.

Not wanting to be left out of the Prince Rupert ships call for Saturday
The CCG Ship Neocaligus arrived at Cow Bay dock late in the afternoon

There was one other arrival of interest for the Cow Bay area, with the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Neocaligus pulling into the Cow Bay Dock just before 4PM, the Nearshore Fishery Research Vessel has been travelling in local waters.

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