Friday, September 27, 2019

New roads maintenance firm to take on Bulkley-Nass duties this winter

Winter is Coming! And they're making ready in the Bulkley and Nass, 
as a new roads contractor takes over as of October 1st
(Photo from Bulkley Valley Lakes Stikine District twitter)

Those travelling the roads out of Prince Rupert bound east and north this winter will find a new highways maintenance group tackling the road clearing and maintenance challenges of the Bulkley-Nass region.

With the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure announcing this week that Dawson Road Maintenance has been awarded a ten year contract effective October 1st.

The area of service includes provincial highways for Smithers, the Hazeltons and Steward, included in their contract are both highways 16 and 37 North

The Ministry has also outlined some of the changes that have been made towards standards for work and communication for road maintenance companies.

Among the improvements from the last contract period:

Increasing communication with the public about rapidly changing road conditions during severe weather events and other incidents affecting travel on B.C. roads

Returning Class A highways to bare pavement within 24 hours of a winter weather event, at -9 C or warmer (the previous standard was 48 hours)

Increasing patrol frequency to 90 minutes on a Class A highway during a winter storm (the previous standard was four hours)

Increasing the patrol frequency to four hours when a weather event is forecasted (the previous standard was 24 hours)

Dawson Road Maintenance, which had its start in the Cariboo region of the province,  will be taking over duties on the roads from Billabong Road and Bridge, which was saluted for their work by the Bulkley Valley Lakes Stikine District this week.

The new contract holder Dawson also holds contracts for  roads maintenance service to South Cariboo, Central Cariboo and the North Peace.

More background on the recently awarded contract can be reviewed here.

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