Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Tombstone marks wind up period for 2019 Golf Season in Prince Rupert

This Sunday offers Prince Rupert's golfers one of the last opportunities to take in some tournament action, with the Prince Rupert Golf Course set to host the Tombstone Tournament a project that apparently requires a little math from participants.

The tee times range from 9AM to 1:30 PM for the September 29th event

As described by our Guru of golf Doug Kydd, the tournament involves the use of your choice of tee locations and then the use of your handicap to determine when you stop golfing and where you will mark your tombstone.

Or as the Guru himself would say:

The Tournament works like this….you take the par for the course, which is 71 for the Ladies and 70 for the Gentlemen and depending on who you are and what tee you are playing off, your handicap is added to the appropriate number. 

 For example if a lady by the name of Betty Birdie has a 15 handicap, her name and the number 86 (course par 71 + Betty’s handicap 15) will appear on her tombstone. Betty will start play on the first hole and continue play until she has struck 86 shots. 

 When the ball comes to rest after 86 shots, Betty will stick her tombstone into the spot where the ball came to rest.

The successful golfers will be advised by email and a posted list at the Golf Course following the tournament, offering further guidance as to prize collection for your efforts on the day.

The winners of course will be hailed at the top of the list for review during the off season for all who wander into the Pro Shop until the first tee times of the Spring.

You can book your tee time for Sunday's event by calling the Golf Club Pro Shop at 250-624-2000

The Golf Course has also hailed the victors of their Four Tourney weekend of mid September, with a look at the Champions from the Duffers tourney, as well as the Senior Men's and Ladies Tournaments, and Men's and Ladies Club Championships.

While you're at the Golf Course, be sure to review the listings of the Final Men's Day Scramble which provides a look at the pecking order from the waning days of the 2019 season.

More updates on Golf related events at the Prince Rupert Course can be found from their Facebook page and website.

For more items of note related to Golfing in the Northwest see our archive page here.

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