Thursday, September 26, 2019

Port of Prince Rupert's view on prospect of containerized bitumen shipments: Proof of concept, but unknown if it will prove viable

Word of a test shipment of bitumen by container
out of Prince Rupert recently has become a
talking point for the energy sector today

Earlier today, we shared some notes on a new concept in shipping land locked Alberta oil resources to world markets, featuring a look at a test shipment from the Calgary based energy company Melius.

With the Alberta shipper hailing the successful transit of a container of solidified bitumen to Asia through the Fairview Terminal.

As we were putting our piece together on the Melius concept, we reached out to the Port of Prince Rupert to see what they may have thought of the revolutionary approach to shipping bitumen out of the Northwest Gateway.

Mid morning today, Monika Côté, Manager of Corporate Communications forwarded a reply to our query of Wednesday.

The statement from the Port observed as to how the shipment adhered to existing regulatory requirements, while noting how the port is a natural choice for exploration of innovation for new concepts of shipping from the North Coast.

"The test shipment of a container of undiluted bitumen through Fairview Terminal, like all products that move through the Port of Prince Rupert, adhered to Canadian regulatory requirements, policies and procedures. 

The Prince Rupert gateway has proven to be a leading enabler of Canadian trade, and its capacity, capabilities and low marine risk profile make it a natural choice for supply chain innovation. 

This pilot was a proof of concept for this method of transport for the product inventor, and it is unknown if it will be proven viable and lead to more volumes." -- Statement from the Prince Rupert Port Authority

While the Port may be somewhat cautious when it comes to the future for the solidified concept of bitumen shipments, yesterday's notes on the demonstration shipment to China have been received well in the Business press.

With a number of items of interest recounting the Melius plans and the Calgary energy company's bullishness belief in the prospect for oil shipments out of Alberta.

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For more items of interest from the Prince Rupert Port Authority see our archive page.

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