Sunday, September 15, 2019

Blog Watching: Week ending September 15, 2019

Civic politics, the quest to save the Alaska Ferry Service in the city and college housing were among the themes that dominated some of our five most read items on the week.

Monday's Council session provided for a few of the list of five, with the City's Financial Officer outlining the final numbers for this years distribution of money to Port Edward stemming from the Ridley Island Tax Sharing agreement.

Our notes on Council's approval of a building permit for the Rupert Lawn and Garden rebuild in Seal Cove also was a story that found a large audience by weeks end.

The announcement of earlier this month  for new housing for the main campus of Coast Mountain College in Terrace reminded us that we still are awaiting the outline from the city, province and college for some kind of housing plan for Prince Rupert's campus location.

Alaska representative Dan Ortiz came south to discuss the Alaska Marine Highway's plans to end its service to Prince Rupert, with the Representative meeting with MLA Rice and a range of local officials to look for ways to give cause for a reversal of that decision.

Prince Rupert will be counting down the days to December 8th, with Rogers Sportsnet announcing this week that the City has been selected as one of this years destinations for the popular Hometown Hockey event. Our notes on the planning for the event attracted a strong audience as the week moved forward.

However, the top item of the last seven days, turns back to the sometimes testy relationship between Prince Rupert and Port Edward, with the City noting that they have forwarded this years Ridley Island Tax Sharing monies to the District.

They may not like it; but they signed off on it ... Prince Rupert's Ridley Tax Sharing payment to Port Edward hits the $1.25 million mark -- It was but one minute of Monday's City Council session, and it passed without any comment from the members in the Chamber. But the release of the final total on the annual Ridley Tax Sharing payment captured a fair bit of attention from our readers  (posted  September 11, 2019)

That article was followed by:

As Alaska Representative Dan Ortiz visits Prince Rupert; MLA Rice, MP Cullen speak to pending end of Alaska Ferry service to Prince Rupert -- With Mayor Lee Brain making his plans for the trip north to advocate for the Prince Rupert stop with the Alaska Marine Highway System, the flow of politicians was southbound this week with the Representative in the State Legislature for Ketchikan and area in Prince Rupert for talks with local officials.    (posted  September 12 , 2019)

Gimme Shelter ... with campus housing in Terrace and Smithers. When can students of Coast Mountain College in Prince Rupert expect similar accommodations? -- With an announcement earlier this month of some expanded student housing for the main campus in Terrace, we explored the stalled state of similar housing for those attending the Prince Rupert campus.   (posted September 9, 2019)

Prince Rupert Council approves development permit for Prince Rupert Lawn and Garden's Seal Cove plans -- With the original building already removed at the Bellis road location, Prince Rupert Council delivered their approval of the building permit process for the new facility on the city's east side, noting how it will be a valuable element for development of the area.  (posted  September 12, 2019)

Prince Rupert's on the map! The Roger Hometown Hockey Tour Map -- December 8th will be the night that Prince Rupert will be ready for its close up. As Rogers Sportsnet dispatches legendary broadcaster Ron MacLean  and his Hometown Hockey co-host Tara Slone to the North Coast bringing the hockey themed celebration to the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre.    (posted  September 10, 2019)

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