Friday, September 13, 2019

Cow Bay Marina saw better July revenues, but still streams lower than budget projections

Things improved in July when it came to revenue from  the Cow Bay Marina,
though there were still some spaces available as this photo from late August shows

An uptick in visits to the Cow Bay Marina in July, have provided for a bit of a burst of revenues from the summer boating season, but overall, the waterfront facility is still finding that its falling behind in its projected revenues for 2019.

The most recent numbers were published in the City's Agenda for Monday's City Council session and it shows that the Cow Bay facility collected just over $80,.000 in revenue for the month of July, with the Year to Date totals listed at $158,958.

Prior to the boating season the City's financial office had projected that the 2019 season would deliver $291,000 in revenues from visiting mariners calling at the Cow Bay docks.

That would put the civic owned and operated marina some 132,000 dollars away from its projected revenues at July's midway point of the summer boating season

The revenue numbers through the Summer season culled from the monthly Financial Variance reports note the following :

July YTD -- $158,958
June YTD -- $78,742
May YTD -- $45,630

The August numbers will be released as part of the October City Council meeting calendar, which should provide a bit of a measuring stick as to how close the City may get to its anticipated revenue stream from earlier in the year.

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