Monday, September 16, 2019

Coast Mountain College celebrates its Advanced connectivity and the opportunities it will bring

Access to an advanced provincial network is set to make for an enhanced experience and new tools for learning for students at Coast Mountain College.

At a Friday celebration at the main campus in Terrace, the details of how Coast Mountain's new network boost will bring many benefit was outlined for staff and students.

With the College now a gateway member of BCNET, a high speed, private research network that offers technology service and solutions for education in BC.

“Information technology is critical to our business activities at CMTN. From admissions, employee and student recruiting, finance, payroll, classroom activities, faculty and more – this affects everyone in our college community.” -- Coast Mountain College President & CEO Ken Burt.

As the College grows its work in applied research activities, the faculty will now have the added benefit of connectivity and bandwidth that can be applied to their work and research.

One of the may benefits of the new connectivity will be the ability of students to access material through Coast Mountain's library system, with the catalogue of material more and more shifting towards electronic resources.

“We have increasingly moved to online resources and have a large collection of e-journals and e-books. One of our biggest roles of the library is to help students connect to and understand the digital world. All of these things require a stable connection and a lot of bandwidth.” -- Colin Elliott, Director of Applied Research, Libraries and Emerging Technology at CMTN.

Coast Mountain College celebrated its advanced connection through
BCNET and the opportunities that will now be available to students
as part of the new network service 

In addition to the in-house connectivity of the Coast Mountain Campuses of the Northwest, the new system will also offer a wider exposure to British Columbia resources, as well as those across Canada.

With the system now able to interconnect CMTN campus to 186 colleges, institutes, research universities, federal and provincial labs and research institution sites in B.C.

Through the new connectivity, Coast Mountain Colleges sites can now connect to 12 provinces and territories through CANARIE’s national research and education network, which, in turn, links to over 100 global research and education networks.

A look at those opportunities offered by BCNET can be reviewed here.

You can learn more about what the new connection means for the Northwest from this background piece from Coast Mountain College.

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