Thursday, September 26, 2019

North Coast Regional District seeks out volunteers to assist in Oona River Recreation Centre vote

The process of hosting a community vote in Oona River on plans towards funding the Oona River Community Hall is about to get underway.

And as Oona River voters head to the October 19th voting day, North Coast Regional District is calling on volunteers to help with the electoral process.

A Notice for residents of Electoral Area "C" which hosts Oona River was recently released by the Regional body calling for applicants to serve as volunteer (unpaid) scrutineers for voting to take place on the Assent Voting Question.

We outlined the nature of the Assent Voting process earlier this month, which included the full question that will be asked of Oona river electors.

“Are you in favour of the Board of the North Coast Regional District adopting the Oona River Community Hall Service Establishment Bylaw No. 632,, 2019, which will permit the North Coast Regional District to establish a service within the community of Oona River to fund, annually, $15,000 toward the operation, maintenance and capital improvement of the Oona River Community Hall and its associated properties?”

The call for applicants opens tomorrow morning and applicants have until October 8th to submit their names during regular business hours to the Regional District office at 14-342 3rd Avenue West (Besner Block/Scotiabank building).

Those interested in serving as volunteer scrutineers for the Oona River
Community Hall vote can pick up their application forms from the
North Coast Regional District Offices in the Besner Block

Application forms are available from staff at the office, though Regional District officials note that only those who are entitled to vote as electors within the Oona River Community Hall Service area will be considered for the posts.

Should you require more information related to the process you can contact Daniel Fish, Chief Electoral Officer at 250-624-2002 extension 8 or by email at

The Oona River vote, is one of a number of initiatives that Regional District introduced in August, with the other three proposals to be addressed by use of the Alternative Approval Process.

That political mechanism requires that at least 10 percent of the eligible voters indicate opposition to the Regional District plans which could force those issues to a referendum question as well.

The deadline for those initiatives is October 16th.

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