Monday, September 30, 2019

Liberals/Greens benefit from front runner stalls and slippage across Skeena-Bulkley Valley

The most recent polling notes from 338Canada offer up some hope for the middle tier of candidates who are in the hunt to claim Nathan Cullen's old seat in the House of Commons.

The September 29th results show NDP candidate Taylor Bachrach and Conservative Claire Rattée as having stalled, or dropped in voter intention over the last seven days.

And its pretty clear that the support has been redirected towards the candidates for the Liberals and Greens for the most part.

Mr. Bachrach left the wrapped up the weekend campaign pretty well where he was seven days ago atop the listings at 35.5%, while Ms. Rattée suffered a dip in the polling, dropping 2 percent from this time last week now sitting at 30.8%.

Making gains on the week were Liberal Dave Birdi who saw increased support by close to 1.5 percent to now sit a 16.2% declared voting intention; while the Green's Mike Sawyer also increased his tally by almost 1 percent, to now claim support of 13.5% of those surveyed.

There was little change for the People's Party candidate Jody Craven who remains at roughly 3.4% in the polling, neither of the two recently declared Independents factored into this weeks update.

The latest forecast while no doubt a bit disappointing for Conservatives in the Northwest, does offer more optimism for the larger Northern BC review.

With the results of all the number crunching showing the party currently leading the polls in three of the four northern riding's.

Nationally Prime Minister Trudeau's Liberals continue to top the polls, picking up six projected seats over the last seven days, the gains seemingly coming at the expense of the Conservatives nationally.

You can track all of the work of 338 Canada here.

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