Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Curling Club sets September 26th for Semi-Annual General Meeting

Members of the Prince Rupert Curling Club will receive an update on the state of the Club later this month as they gather at the Seal Cove rink at 7 PM on  Thursday, September 26th for their semi-annual General Meeting.

In the lead up to the end of the month session, curling club members have been forwarded a range of information through the Curling Club mailing list. Items of interest that members have been urged to review prior to the meeting of this month.

The notes on the season ahead come following a somewhat cryptic advisory through the Curling Club Facebook page earlier this month.

Members who have not received the most recent correspondences should check the spam folder on their email program and if still missing the missing the update they should contact the Curling Club.

Should all the outstanding notes be taken care of; that public announcement could very well come as part of the September 26th session.

Some of the notes from the curling 2018-19 curling season can be found from our archive page here, once the plans are clear towards the 2019-20 season we'll open up a new archive for the season ahead.

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