Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Metlakatla makes note of Final Day voting stations for ongoing Electoral Code Vote process

Members of the Metlakatla First Nation are currently engaged in an online vote to provide feedback on plans towards the Electoral Code for the First Nation,  with opportunity to register for the online process available here.

The voting process opened on March 1st and continues on electronically until 5PM on March 29th.

To participate in the electoral code voting process, Voters can make use of their computer, smart phone, iPhone or tablet to cast their votes.

How the electronic voting process takes place and what participants need to know in order to register for it can be explored here.

To reach as wide a number of members as possible, the MFN has also set aside two referendum voting locations for March 29th, the final day of the vote period when voters can attend either the Metlakatla Community Recreation Hall or the Coastal Training Centre on Dunsmuir Street in Prince Rupert to ensure that their voices are heard on the proposed amendments to the code.

An information video also provides some background towards the voting process this month.

The main thrust of the proposed changes to wording towards a number of elements of the code, among them notes related to governance, candidacy eligibility and transition periods.

Background to the Election Code Amendments can be reviewed below

Metlakatla First Nation Election Code

Election Code Summary document

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