Thursday, March 14, 2019

Haida Gwaii one of the featured communities for latest provincial roll out of funding for internet access

The Province and NDIT are
partnering to deliver improved
access to many BC communities

Coastal Communities in British Columbia are welcoming some new investment money from the Province of British Columbia that will see the expansion of high speed Internet access for close to 200 rural and Indigenous communities.

The funding of 50 million dollars will be in addition to money already spent to improve access to the Internet in over 417 communities, 74 of them Indigenous communities which now have access to many resources that the rest of the province most likely take for granted.

Jinny Sims, the Minister of Citizens' Services highlighted the impact that the new access will have on those communities.

“High-speed Internet provides the foundation for British Columbians to access online learning and telehealth care, conduct business and be alerted in an emergency. Connectivity helps small communities grow and prosper by creating jobs, attracting new residents and enabling more young people to stay in their hometowns, close to their loved ones.”

To gain some perspective on the kind of change that improved Internet access can bring, the Northern Development Initiative Trust has provided a number of video vignettes to provide a glimpse into the ways that improved Internet service provides for.

Included in the video snapshots of the participating communities is one from Haida Gwaii.

You can learn more about this weeks announcement here, while a wider overview of the Northern Development Initiative Trust program can be reviewed here.

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