Sunday, March 17, 2019

Blog Watching: Week ending March 17, 2019

Municipal politics topped the week's review, with three of our five most read stories finding large audiences of review.

Leading the way was the latest in a string of ongoing spats between the City of Prince Rupert and the District of Port Edward, the latest firestorm related a mutual aid agreement between the two fire departments in the communities.

The City's water woes were officially put behind us this week as well, with the Friday announcement that the Water Quality Advisory Notice had been brought to an end.

And our look at the rather low turnout from the public for the Budget Consultation session of Monday found a large audience as the week moved forward.

For some it's a case of political fiction, for others perhaps a blue print of the future, regardless on where you come down on the debate over the future of Northern British Columbia, a paper from two academics at the University of Calgary offers much to think about as to the future of the Canada we know today and Prince Rupert's place as a western anchor for the economy.

And a large number of readers explored our notes on the findings of the latest Fraser Institute Report, the annual review was released Thursday with the documentation making note of the fate for Prince Rupert's public and independent elementary schools.

However the top story of the week has many of us on the sidelines watching the latest of brush fires that have popped up when it comes to relations between the District of Port Edward and the City of Prince Rupert.

Temperatures on the rise over Ridley Island Tax Dispute -- The lapsed status of a mutual aid agreement between Prince Rupert and Port Edward appears to be but one of a number of issues which currently find the two communities with very different thoughts on the fate of the Ridley Island Tax Agreement.     (posted March 15  , 2019)

That article was followed by:

As Water Quality Advisory ENDS for Prince Rupert; Incident Report findings are released by the City -- A Friday afternoon announcement from the City of Prince Rupert gave residents the long awaited news that after close to three months, there were at the moment no longer any concerns over the city's water supply.    (posted March 15 , 2019)

Prince Rupert gets high profile placement in futuristic view of Canadian politics -- A publication from two professors at the University of Calgary puts the spotlight on the current frustrations of the West with the rest of Canada, and with a futuristic view, puts Prince Rupert as a key port and economic engine for a proposed Republic of the Northwest.    (posted  March  13, 2019)

For the most part ... it was a dis-engaged community for Council's first Budget engagement -- Prince Rupert residents weren't exactly beating down the doors to get into City Hall on Monday night, as only two members from the public gallery chose to participate in the public commentary period designed to share thoughts on the city's 2019 Budget planning  (posted March 13, 2019)

Report Card day for Northwest Schools with latest findings from Fraser Institute -- Controversial as they are, there was some significant interest in the latest report from the Vancouver based Fraser institute, with the schools of Prince Rupert and the Northwest among those across BC that were reviewed.       (posted March 14, 2019)

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