Wednesday, March 20, 2019

City's Spring Street Sweeping program to start next week

The accumulation of sand and grit such as this in front of the
Ocean Centre will soon be gone, as the city launches its
Spring Street Sweeping program next week

The days of dust wafting through the downtown core and other streets of the city will soon be numbered as the City of Prince Rupert prepares to launch its Spring Street Sweeping program next week.

A notice posted to the City Website makes note of the plans, with Monday, March 25th the day of debut for the Street Sweeper's rolling list of streets to be swept,.

As part of the preparation work for the civic road maintenance program, city crews have been cleaning sand and grit off the sidewalks along the city's priority routes, while the city is also asking for the assistance of the public by keeping roadways clear of parked cars and other obstructions.

The plan ahead for the city is to have all of the city's roads swept at least once by April 12th, you can review the city's advisory here.

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