Thursday, April 18, 2019

Prince Rupert Port Authority to ask for letter of support from City on Supply Chain initiative

Raising the visibility of the Port of Prince Rupert's place in Canada's
supply chain will be the focus of potential new initiative
(photo from Port of PR)

Council members will be asked to lend their support towards a program to raise the visibility of the supply chain opportunities that are offered along the Northern Gateway and through the Port of Prince Rupert.

The project that the Port is calling attention towards is called the Supply Chain Visibility Initiative and is considered a critical part of the strategy to preserve the speed and reliability that is required to help keep terminals competitive for cargo and prevent future congestion as the Port continues to grow.

The Port has partnered with the Port of Vancouver, the railways that serve both ports, Transport Canada and a range of terminal operators and shipping lines to create a Foundation for a West Coast Supply Chain Visibility platform that will provide for a set of standards and protocols for the West Coast port industry.

The City's input by way of a letter of support is considered to be a valuable element towards finding success as part of the funding program.

You can review some of the Port's main themes of the project from the letter asking for the city's letter of support below:

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