Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Park Avenue land back on the Prince Rupert Real Estate market

The only sign of progress for a proposed housing development on
Park Avenue was the creation of a gravel road into the site.
The land is now back up for sale with a Prince Rupert realty firm

At one time it was going to be the destination address for some high end homes and the site for what would have been the first major subdivision since Edward Avenue was put on a map of the city.

As the years have passed us by since those large scale development plans of the LNG era in Prince Rupert, the land that is found between Graham and Park Avenue has seen some prep work and little else.

The Park Avenue land was in front of City Council in 2015
as part of a rezoning application towards housing development

Four years have passed since the zoning for the land was in front of City Council and with little in the way of progress to be found on the housing development side of things , it's back up on the real estate market, looking to fetch a cool 24 million for someone looking to be ready for the next round of what Prince Rupert City Council once called hyper economic activity on the North Coast.

The New listing on the Remax realty website was posted on March 11th and offers what is described as over 30 acres of relatively flat ground with Ocean view, stated as an ideal site for industrial development, laydown yard or a residential development.

The Scope of the 30 acres of land  now for sale with REMAX Realty
(map from Remax website) 

One portion of that massive tract of prime land close to the container port and Ferry Terminals had been proposed for a high end housing development that would have included a connecting road between Graham Avenue and Park Avenue.

Those plans appeared to fall off development stage a few years ago after City Council and the then developers the Bryton Group locked horns on a few issues related to property development around Prince Rupert.

In addition to some of the push back to their plans on Park Avenue, the Bryton Group also found that they were not on the same page as City Council when it came to a proposed housing development on the old Kanata school site.

A difference of opinion which disappointed the School District at the time and has since left the Board to continue to look for a new owner for the Kanata site. Had the original land sale gone through, the District had outlined a number of plans to make use of the revenue for a range of District projects.

Last March, we took note of the lack of progress on a few of the once highly touted property development plans of the last four years for a number of locations around the city, one year later many remain undeveloped and in a few cases once again featuring a For Sale Sign.

The land is one of the largest single tracts available in the community and if someone has the 24 million required and a development plan that will find acceptance from City Council the west side of the city may yet see some change to the landscape of area.

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