Sunday, April 21, 2019

Blog Watching: Week ending April 21, 2019

The final stages of the 2019 Civic Budget process, along with the last of the discussion on a change in the salary expectations for Council and Mayor made two of four related city council themes this week.

Also finding some wide interest from readers over the last seven days, was some still unfinished business with Port Edward over the Ridley Island Tax Dispute, as well the City launched its Help Wanted search for a Deputy Fire Chief for the Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue Service.

At the provincial level, a list of highway plans for the Northwest provided a look at some of the work ahead this spring and summer, yet there's no final word to be heard yet towards construction of the Mile 28 overpass, which would remove the last level rail crossing on Highway 16.

And the Northwest received a rare visit from a travelling collection of Senators, as the Senate Committee on Transportation and Communication came to Prince Rupert and Terrace to hear testimony on the proposed oil tanker ban for North Coast waters.

However the top story of the week finds us back to the days of discord when it comes to the Ridley Island Tax Agreement and the share that Port Edward receives from it, with reports stating that the City has taken the controversial discussions to the ministerial ranks of Premier John Horgan's NDP government.

The Bully Boys of Third Avenue West? -- With Prince Rupert and Port Edward seemingly at loggerheads when it comes to the dispute over the Ridley Island Tax Revenue Sharing Agreement, the latest step may require the intervention of the Province, with Prince Rupert reportedly seeking some strong measures out of Victoria.    (posted April 17, 2019)

That article was followed by:

Mile 28 Highway 16 overpass seems stalled in the planning stage  -- It was one of the most publicized of transportation highlights for the Northwest a few years ago, but to date there is little to show in the way of progress when it comes to a start on the Mile 28 Highway 16 overpass,   (posted April 15, 2019)

City of Prince Rupert on the hunt for new Deputy Fire Chief -- The Prince Rupert Fire Rescue Service is looking to hire a Second in command, all while Council gives consideration to potenteial changes in how they deliver fire service to the community.    (posted  April  15, 2019)

Frustrated Cullen to call on Senate to 'stop running out the clock: on oil tanker bill -- Prince Rupert and Terrace played host to the Senate of Canada's Transportation and Communication Committee this week, with Senators hearing from a range of local representatives speaking to the oil tanker bill as part of their work in the Northwest.  (posted  April 15, 2019)

Council now one vote away from finalizing salary increases and full time Mayor status -- The final week of review for the City of Prince Rupert Budget and salary plans for Mayor and Council session moved the process towards its conclusion this week with a fair bit of discussion still to be hear for both topics.  By Thursday's Special session the Council members brought all the talk to an end with their  final approval of both the Budget and Salary plans.    (posted April 17 2019)

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