Friday, April 5, 2019

City offers Student employment opportunity with posting for an engineering technologist

With University studies about to come to an end for the Spring, students will soon be out knocking on doors to find summer employment to help top up the family fund for the fall semester.

For those taking Engineering and Drafting courses may want to make a visit to the City of Prince Rupert website a go to destination.

Moving towards the summer hiring period, the City has posted the first of the summer job postings for 2019 seeking a student for an Engineering Technologist position, with a forty hour work week providing for a salary of 32 dollars an hour.

Applicants are asked to submit a cover letter, resume and copies of relevant certifications and diplomas for the position.

In addition to a range of technical requirements, applicants are asked to take note that the position requires that applicants must be able to perform heavy manual tasks for extended periods of time in all weather conditions.

Applicants should also have the physical ability to stand and walk frequently throughout the day along with attending and inspecting construction sites including climbing in and out of ditches and trenches.

Also highlighted for the position is the ability to perform strenuous physical work on an ongoing basis in all weather conditions.

The deadline for applicants is April 19th, with Tanya Ostrom the City's Operations Manager the contact person related to the position.

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