Thursday, April 18, 2019

From Okotoks to the Ocean ... Taylor Reidlinger Ocean Network Canada's Youth Science Ambassador is set to research the North Coast ocean

The 2019 Ocean Networks Canada program of observation is underway on the North Coast with Prince Rupert the home base for one of the program ambassadors Taylor Reidlinger, who has made her way to the region by way of the University of Victoria and the North Coast Innovation Lab.

Ms. Reidlinger who hails from Okotoks Alberta, is currently working on a Master's Degree in Environment and Management, she and the other participants in the OCN program were recently profiled by the OCN organization, providing a snapshot of the work ahead for this year.

“I love being the Youth Science Ambassador for Prince Rupert because it lets me connect with the community, the youth, the teachers ...  Traditional research methods don’t always integrate the social and economic aspects that are important in community, so I love that this role helps me connect with people about what they want and need to know about the ocean. ONC helps bridge that gap so that people can be informed and make a positive change as we move forward."

The Ocean Networks Canada Youth Science Ambassador Program was launched in 2016 and seeks to engage students, educators and the public in coastal areas that are served by the ONC's community observatories. Participants make use of high-tech ocean sensors and interpret the data provided by them to inform decision  making when it comes to changing nature of the ocean.

A wider introduction to the Prince Rupert Youth Ambassador and more on the current program can be explored here.

As well if you know someone who may be interested in the Youth Science Ambassador program you can learn more about it here, and apply for job opportunities here.

A look at some of the work of the North Coast Innovation Lab is available here.

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