Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Bully Boys of Third Avenue West?

Twenty minutes away but miles apart on issues of Ridley Island
the Prince Rupert/Port Edward tax dispute is heading to a new level 

The ongoing dispute between Prince Rupert and Port Edward has escalated significantly it would seem, with the latest stage of the ongoing tumult now adding the province to the mix of the stalled discussions.

In an account from CFTK TV yesterday, it was reported that Mayor Lee Brain has taken the ongoing issues of the dispute to the province, seeking the assistance of the province to explore the issue and take measures to bring it to a resolution.

In their report TV 7 outlined some of the significant escalation to the dispute that has taken place and how the City has reportedly asked for the province to de-incorporate the District of Port Edward, apparently as a solution that would end the continuous revenue sharing dispute over Ridley Island.

For his part Port Edward Mayor Knut Bjorndal referred to the city's move as that of bullying, with CFTK observing that Mr. Bjorndal dismissed both the idea of de-incorporation, or any call for amalgamation with the larger community to the Northwest.

The CFTK Report can be viewed here.

The Television station also noted that as of yesterday, the City of Prince Rupert had offered no comment to their report, a theme that seems to be holding true into today, with no mention of the City's letter to the province to be found on the City website.

Also on radio silence on any themes of Port Edward and disputes for now is the Mayor's Facebook page, a portal that is normally an ever flowing fountain of the Mayor's thoughts on all topics including the city's issues with Port Edward, commentaries that are usually applauded by his loyal followers.

The heated debate over the Ridley Island Tax issue has been a long running story with the most recent brush fire arriving with a difference of opinion on the provision of mutual aid for the two fire departments.

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The District most recently made note of the ongoing dispute for Port Edward residents in their March Newsletter, though to this point Port Edward officials have not followed up with the information release that was noted in their report.

To provide some sense of the long running issues between the two communities, here's how the District viewed the dispute two years ago.

Since that time the only thing that seems to have moved forward is the level of heated rhetoric on the issue, much of which is coming from the Council Chambers on Third Ave West in Prince Rupert.

More items of interest on Prince Rupert City Council can be found here, while our notes on the District of Port Edward can be explored here.

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