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Partnerships and Solutions part of the focus for City of Prince Rupert's 2017 Annual Report

A look back at 2017 is on the Agenda for Monday's City Council session as City Manager Robert Long delivers the City of Prince Rupert Annual Report, a document that explores a range of the city's achievements and challenges, as well as an overview of many of the city's departments and operations.

The Report, which will be reviewed at Monday's Council session, is the official snap shot if you will, of what the City of Prince Rupert  put its focus on in 2017.

A few of the take aways that the City of Prince Rupert
has highlighted as part of their 2017 Annual Report

Mayor Lee Brain provides a short narrative for the document, calling attention to how the City has been seeking out new sources for revenues, while also challenging external taxation legislation that it would like to see changed, included on that list, the Port Property Tax Cap and the Ridley Island Tax Sharing Agreement.

The Mayor also explores the city's work on grant applications and use of the lease option revenues from Lot 444, with a particular focus on the range of infrastructure issues that the city needs to address.

As well, Mr. Brain highlights the new future for Watson Island that the City has in mind with the development of the Watson Island Intermodal Trade and Logistics Park.

Partnerships also make for part of the Mayor's address, as he points to such recent initiatives as the Rushbrook Trail, McKay Street Park, Doug Kerr Park and Mariner's Park projects as areas that highlight the community fabric.

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That review is followed by a list of those areas where the City Council feels progress and accomplishment was found, a nineteen item checklist which covers everything from paving, to funding agreements, economic development and planning items.

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The Annual Report also provides a short overview of some the Council objectives for 2018, with redevelopment of Watson Island, pursuit of funding opportunities, discussions with neighbouring First Nations and advocacy with other levels of government for improvements to fishing policies among some of the items listed.

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City Manager Robert Long also provides some background recent events for the Report, calling 2017 the year that City turned a corner, heralding the City's decisions related to Watson Island as one key element for that optimism.

Mr. Long also calls attention to the work of Council and staff to bring in grant funding and sponsorship funding to invest back into the community for critical infrastructure.

The City Manager also makes note of the city's efforts in attracting and retaining staff members, offering up the city's approach of a first class workplace culture.

A civic effort that has provided for competitive compensation and has helped to retain a staff loyal to the City and contributing to the city's long term vision.

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The remainder of the Annual Report provides for short overviews of a range of departments, included as part of the review are:

Corporate Administration
Finance Department
Economic Development Office
Information Technology Office
Planning and Development Services
Operations Department
Transportation and Utility 
Recreation and Community
Fire and Police Services

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