Friday, June 29, 2018

RCMP to remain watchful on the roads over long weekend and through July

With the mad dash across BC now underway, those travelling the roads of the province should make note that while you are looking to make it to your holiday destination as fast as possible, members of the RCMP across the Northwest and beyond will be watching to make sure you do so in a safe manner.

While attention will remain focused as always on the highway enforcement requirements, Mounties will also be keeping a look out for Impaired Drivers, with the month of July dedicated to the Summer Counter Attack Driving Campaign, which includes not just impairment by alcohol, but from illegal drugs or prescription medication.

As part of a media release to alert the public to their plans, Constable Mike Halskov of the BC RCMP Traffic Services noted the impact that driving impaired can have for the community.

"Too often our officers are put in the position of having to notify a family that they have lost a loved one due to an impaired driving collision. We want people to enjoy the summer but we also want people to make good decisions and choose to drive sober every time they get behind the wheel, for everyone’s safety. If you do plan to drink, have a designated driver or plan alternate ways home."

As part of the July enforcement campaign, motorists can expect to find an increased presence of law enforcement members on the highway this month and through the summer.

More noted on the start of the campaign can be found here.

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