Saturday, June 16, 2018

Chevron's Saturday Surprise: Reservoirs for Gas station on 2nd Avenue West run dry

All lanes were closed at the Prince Rupert Chevron as the 2nd Avenue West
station ran out of all grades of gasoline on Saturday

Motorists looking for a fill up on Saturday afternoon at the city's Chevron station, had to go to a Plan B and do some travelling, with the Second Avenue West station in the downtown core posting signs on all its tanks that the well was dry.

The ongoing supply issues for Northern British Columbia are related to refinery problems in Alberta and the ability to provide all grades of gasoline to the Prince Rupert stations, for much of the week Chevron had been selling its higher premium brands at the 1.30 price point.

Chevron's pain was 7-11 and Petro Canada's gain, as motorists pulled in
to fill up their tanks on Saturday afternoon

A quick tour of the remaining city gas stations found the 7-11 Esso station finding a brisk business as Rupertites filled up their tanks, with the two Petro Canada stations in the city also ready to fill the fuelling needs of customers in the city.

Those stations that still had gas, were still holding to the 1.30 a litre  common of the last week or so.

You can review more on the ongoing supply issues across the Highway 16 corridor from our archive page here.

Update: As of Monday morning, Chevron still has access to all lanes blocked off.

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