Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Safer streets for British Columbia the focus for expanded provincial tool kit

Complete Streets For Prince Rupert made use of Seafest Sunday's crowds
to gauge public opinion on a range of safety issues and transportation notes

(from Complete Streets for Prince Rupert Facebook page)

Those that made their way to the Waterfront events for Seafest may have had a chance to explore some of the work of the local group Complete Streets For Prince Rupert, which hosted a booth near the Rotary Waterfront park on Sunday, seeking more feedback from the community on how they travel around the community or what they may wish to see when it comes to safer streets in the community.

The organization featured a sample of some of their data collection from Sunday through twitter, with a listing of how some residents had weighed in on the themes offered up for the day.

The North Coast Review contacted Complete Streets organizer Chris Lightfoot following Sunday's events and he noted that they haven't compiled all their information yet on their work of the day, with the prospect of a report to come from it not too far down the line.

Once they publish those findings we'll offer up a review on the blog to examine their work and what they have found from their community engagement.

More on the work of Complete Streets 4 Prince Rupert can be found  from their website, Facebook page and twitter feed.

We also have examined some of their work through the blog, a compilation of our notes can be found here.

While we wait for that report, the province has some work of its own to share with British Columbians, having released what they call an expanded tool kit, designed to help local governments in making their streets and related features safer.

The province introduced their expanded study of road concerns through this media release from Monday.

The work features an Introduction on the role of local government towards road safety as well as a number of modules that provide further background and advice on how to build local support for road system changes.

Among the themes the province explores are:

Protecting People Walking and Cycling

Safe Roadway Design to protect all Road users

Implementation Tools and Strategies

You can review more items of interest related to the Provincial initiative here.

The issue of road safety in the community has been an occasional discussion topic for Prince Rupert City Council, with council members raising concerns about the downtown core in particular among some of the current for conversation in recent months.

Some of those contributions can be found below

Complete Streets plans shift focus to Third Avenue options
Latest pedestrian/vehicle incident keeps road safety concerns in the spotlight in Prince Rupert
Road Safety concerns remain on the mind of City Council
Downtown paving project has Councillor Cunningham reinforcing need for container truck bypass route
Prince Rupert traffic issues and container truck bypass options discussed during Monday's Council session

Further items of interest from Prince Rupert City Council can be found from our Council Discussion archive.

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