Sunday, June 17, 2018

Blog Watching: Week ending June 17, 2018

Some themes from this weeks City Council meeting made for a strong volume of readership on the week, with a waterfront issue, civic salaries and a string of reports for Council all making for some talking points over the last seven days

The old CN/VIA station on the waterfront continues to serve as a discussion starter, with Councillor Barry Cunningham the one most inclined at City Council to share some thoughts.

With the release of a pair of financial statements on municipal salaries for Council members and civic employees making for some talk around town, Councillor Wade Niesh took to Social media to provide for his view on some of the conversation of this week.

Another Civic issue grabbed some space in our top five review, with a strong interest in our review of the City Manager's presentation of the City of Prince Rupert Annual Review.

A local industrial shop is gaining some benefits of the expanded environmental response plan towards oil tankers in BC waters, with Broadwater Industries delivering their first oil response vessel for WCMRC in Prince Rupert, with the vessel soon to be relocated to a base in Saanich.

With more concerns being raised about the state of the North Coast fishery, a group of First Nations along the Skeena Watershed have issued a call for a prohibition to be put in place on sport and recreational fishing for this summer.

The top story of the week returns us to the waterfront and some concerns over the state of and the fate for the old CN/VIA station near the Rotary Waterfront park.

Plans for Waterfront eyesore on the mind of Councillor Cunningham -- The deteriorating condition of the old CN/VIA Rail station on the waterfront made for a topic for this weeks City council session and judging by the volume of readers for our item,  it would appear to be a topic that like Councillor Barry Cunningham, the public shares an interest in.   (posted June 14, 2018)

That article was followed by:

Councillor Niesh joins online conversation on civic staff salaries -- The City councillor shared a range of thoughts on civic employee compensation,  joining in on some comments related to a recent news article through  Facebook     (posted June 15, 2018)

Broadwater Industries delivers new oil response vessel for WCMRC's Trans Mountain oil spill response program -- The first of a number of response vessels to be built across British Columbia was delivered to the WCMRC for transport to Saanich   (posted June 11, 2018)

Annual Report presentation channels many of the Hays 2.0 themes -- Monday turned out to be report night for City Council, with a number of presentations made on the evening, one of those came from City Manager Robert Long, who provided an overview of the City's work over the last five years   (posted  June 13, 2018)

First Nations along Skeena River Watershed call for prohibition for all recreation and sport fisheries -- With concerns growing about the state of fish stocks on the Skeena, a number of First Nations have issued a call for fishing prohibition     (posted June 12, 2018 )

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