Monday, June 18, 2018

Roads Paved; Roads Torn Up: Prince Rupert's Road Construction season well underway

Everywhere you turn in the city these days it seems that you are about to hit a construction zone, with a mix of road paving and serious infrastructure work currently underway in many locations of the city.

The recent spurt of sunny weather has put the paving plans for Adventure Paving into high gear, with crews tackling a number of locations around the city, laying down new black top, a project which as was the case on Saturday meant for a fairly extensive detour required for travel between the east side of the city and points west of Hays Cove Avenue and the Sixth Avenue Bridge.

City Crews are also continuing their work on the McBride Street waterline replacement requirements, with the work now stretching from the Rotary Tennis Courts  down the hill as far as eighth street, with traffic reduced to one line in each direction.

You can review more notes on the city's infrastructure work from our archive page here.

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