Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Rupert Wood and Steel selected for Earl Mah Aquatic Centre project

The replacement for the Hot Tub facilities at the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre will be the responsibility of the local construction contractors Rupert Wood and Steel, with the Prince Rupert company announced as the successful bid from the request for proposals process hosted earlier this year by the City of Prince Rupert.

David Geronazzo, the Director of Recreation and Community Services for the City of Prince Rupert provided Council with the background to the bid process and announced the success for the local firm at Monday's council session.

No financial details related to the project were included as part of Monday's report.

The project which will see the Aquatic Centre closed from July through to October will see extensive work take place to replace the Hot Tub and make any modifications to the location taht it sits at in the pool.

Recreation and City Services Director David Geronazzo provided counsil
with an update on the Earl Mah Aquatic centre Hot tub project and naming the
successful bidder for the major rehabilitation 

Council members Mirau, Niesh and Cunningham all hailed the decision to award the contract to a local contractor as a positive thing for the community. With Councillor Mirau noting that the local company had delivered the lowest bid for the work required.

Council Niesh  also took some time to explain the reasoning behind the decision to close the pool over the summer and into the fall for a total of three months, making note of the scope of the work that is beyond that of a maintenance shutdown and required that the pool to be closed.

Mr. Niesh also followed up those thoughts with some further comment on the need to rebuild the city's recreation infrastructure after a number of years of neglect.

Councillor Cunningham called attention to the safety issues related to the construction process ahead at the Ear Mah Aquatic centre which require the facility to be closed, as well as to observe that there is much work to be done around other elements of the Civic Centre facility.

He also offered strong support for the local company and its success in the bid process, noting how he believes that it was nice to see the local companies get to work on some of the major projects in the community.

You can review the Recreation Director's presentation from the City's Video Archive starting at the fifty nine minute mark.

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