Thursday, June 28, 2018

City of Prince Rupert outlines Aquatic Centre shut down timeline

Canada Day is shut down day for the Earl Mah Aquatic Centre, with July 1st marking the start of what could be a three month - plus closure for the recreation facility at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre.

The City of Prince Rupert outlined some of the background to the Closure notice, noting that in addition to the usual annual shut down for the pool, this years work will include repairs to the hot tub area, work which will require a longer closure period than most years.

In their notification of June 26th, the city called attention to the consultations that took place with user groups which led to the decision for a summer closure, with the anticipated re-opening to take place sometime in October.

Calling the repairs "legacy improvements", the City put some focus on the improvements to both amenities of the building and its energy efficiency. As well, once the current work is complete,  the Recreation Department will be looking to implementing a maintenance schedule that reduces the length required for future annual shutdowns.

With the work ahead through the summer, the hours of operation for the Fitness Centre at the Earl Mah facility will also be impacted, those changes can be viewed below:

You can get updates on the status of the work at the Earl Mah Aquatic centre as well as other items of note from the Recreation centre through the City's Recreation Facebook page, as well as by downloading the new City of Prince Rupert app.

Some background on the Hot Tub replacement program can be found below:

June 13 -- Rupert Wood and Steel selected for Earl Mah Aquatic Centre project
May 8 -- Earl Mah Aquatic Centre's Hot Tub replacement project starts with a request for bids
January 29 -- City to consider quest to seek NDIT funding for Aquatic Centre project

More items of interest from the City of Prince Rupert can be found from our Council Discussion archive.

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