Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Province puts Crown Land firewood permits process on line

If you're up for a walk in the woods and bit of manual labour, the province is ready to make your collection of free firewood from Crown land a little bit easier.

And while they won't be coming along to help you load the wood into the back of the pick up truck, the province is making the application process for the Free Use Permit for Firewood easier to access.

Member of the public who wish to cut firewood for personal use from Crown land can apply for their permits for the natural resourced district where they plan to collect the wood from.

Some of the areas available to the public for the harvest for personal use
of firewood from Crown land

(Map from BC Gov't)

You can access the details related to the harvest of wood, as well as maps and permit applications from this link to the government website.

There are a few regulations that go with the Free Permit process, they include:

Carry the permit, and associated maps, at all times.

Read and understand the conditions of the permit, prior to signing it.

Produce the permit at the request of a natural resource officer, conservation officer or peace officer.

Those taking to the woods must also remember that it is important for applicants to determine that the wood they wish to cut and collect is, in fact, on Crown land, and not on private land or a First Nations reserve.

Some background on the Permit plan from the Smithers office can be reviewed here.

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