Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ticketing woes puts Northern Expedition behind schedule on Canada Day weekend

Reservations issues in Prince Rupert meant manual ticketing and
a one hour delay in departure for the Northern Expedition today.

The staff at the Prince Rupert BC Ferries Terminal had to go old school on Saturday, as technical issues with the Ferry Service's reservation system meant that passengers had to be ticketed manually for today's sailing of the Northern Expedition.

The ticketing issues resulted in about a one hour delay for the Ferry, with the vessel now running one hour behind schedule on its run to Bella Bella and Port Hardy.

You can review the full service Notice from BC Ferries here

BC Ferries Service Notice for Saturday June 30th
(click to enlarge)

At mid afternoon Saturday, the Northern Expedition was steaming south
towards Bella Bella

And while an inconvenience for travellers on the North Coast, the one hour delay is but a hiccup compared to some of the issues being found on the heavily used Vancouver to Vancouver Island runs this weekend.

Reservation issues have been a bit of a nightmare for BC Ferries on its southern routes all weekend, with a range of advisories issued for one of the busiest travel periods of the summer.

Much of the difficulties in the Lower mainland are due to the suspension of service for the Coastal Inspiration which requires repairs.

For more items of note related to Ferry Transportation on the North Coast see our archive page here.

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