Friday, June 15, 2018

Supplier payments from City of Prince Rupert come in just under the 30 million dollar mark

When it comes to economic engines for the North Coast, the City of Prince Rupert is certainly doing its part to distribute the taxpayers money towards businesses and suppliers large and small, both in town and far beyond.

The City of Prince Rupert has outlined the details of their spending over the last year,  increasing its payouts to suppliers by close to seven million dollars from the year before.

The review of the City's spending from January to December of last year is included as part of the Statement of Financial Information report that was presented to Prince Rupert City Council on Monday evening, a requirement of fiscal transparency that must be disclosed before the end of June each year.

Ninety six suppliers are listed from this years report with a total of just under 30 million dollars paid out from January to December of 2017.

The 2017 listings are topped by Kledo Construction, which is working on the City's water supply project and received $5,977,300 through the last year.

The city's contract for policing with the RCMP, was also among the largest payment to suppliers with the City directing 3,465,469  towards the Receiver General for Canada making for a slight increase from 2016. 

A further $687,158 went to the Receiver General for the City portion of payroll, also a slight increase from the year before.

The Municipal Pension Plan received $1,288,053, while Revenue Services of British Columbia claimed $204,839 of this years suppliers payments.  Manulife Financial collected $695,293 from the City in 2017.

The Ministry of Finance received $631,841 from January to December of last year.

The Worker's Compensation Board as also in the six figure range, with $301,076 paid out through 2017.

Payments to BC Hydro totalled $796,974, while BC Transit received $778,936 from the City in 2017.

The City's legal work for the last year was handled by two law firms, Farris Vaughan which received $265,024 and the Valkyrie Law Firm which collected $633,608 making for a significant jump from 2016 when the firm had been paid less than $205,000

Twenty five suppliers appear on the list having received $100,000 or more for services or products through the last year, they include:

National Recycling --- $1,143,647
Stantec Consulting ---  $1,005,784
Broadwater Industries  --- $1,001,446
Rocky Mountain Phoenix --- $904,235
First Canada ULC --- $901,836
L and M Engineering --- 457,566
Marcan Construction --- $440,549
Rupert Wood n Steel --- 418,492
Northwest Fuels --- 415,173
Adventure Paving --- $385,995
Coast Industrial Construction --- $305,332
Pacific Northern Gas --- $269,011
Pacific Northwest Electric & Controls --- $247,471
Willis Canada --- $198,093
Eby and Sons Construction --- $193,999
Storey's Excavating --- $178,692
CityWest Cable and Telephone --- $166,366
Emco Corporation --- $160,647
Peterbilt Pacific Inc --- $145,173
Jet Controls --- $129,356
McElhanney Consulting --- $120,306
Rupert Disposal --- $110,021
Shell Energy North America --- $109,819
Sperling Hansen --- $104,361
Lighten Up Electric --- $100,113

The remainder of the list of 96 is made up of a range of companies based locally and out town, which collected varying amounts under 100,000 dollars for services or supplies.

The Suppliers Payment information is just one part of the full range of information delivered by the City's Financial Officer and City Manager at Monday night's Council session.

Also included in the final financial documentation for June were:

Annual Report
Report of Compensation for City Council Members
Report of Compensation for City employees

You can review the full information provided as part of the Report from the Agenda Package for the June 11th City Council Session,  the full listings can be examined from pages 121 to 124 of the Agenda notes.

The 2017 SOFI Report will become part of the permanent record of Financial Information that is archived on the City website, offering up an opportunity to make year to year comparisons when it comes to City spending.

More items related to the city's Budget planning and financial notes can be found here.

Further background on the work of Prince Rupert City Council can be found on our archive page.

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