Tuesday, June 12, 2018

City of Prince Rupert shares 2018 Municipal/School election planning information

Residents of Prince Rupert will select their next municipal and School District representatives on Saturday, October 20th and on Monday, the City of Prince Rupert launched the first of its community engagement plans to share more about the electoral process.

The details come from the city website where a short information update on the process ahead is now available, leading up to the October 20th vote.

When Rupertites head for the polls, they will be making decisions that will put in place a Mayor, six councillors and seven trustees for School District 52.

Those considering a quest for elected office must be 18 years of age or older by election day and be a Canadian citizen.  

To be nominated, you must have lived in British Columbia for at least six months before election day or the day nomination papers have been filed. 

As well, you must not be disqualified by law from voting, or from being nominated, elected or holding office.

The first benchmark for the local races for Council and School District will come up on September 14th, when a ten day nomination period will open for those looking to have their name placed on the ballot.

So far there have no official declarations from incumbents of plans for a run, though from some of the commentary on the local political scene, more than a few of the current roster of those serving in office would seem to be leaning towards another term of office.

How many others may wish to put up a challenge to the existing collective, or offer different ideas from the incumbents of the last four years, will be worth watching for as the summer moves forward towards the September nomination deadline.

The local election process is being steered by Chief Elections Officer Corinne Bomben, along with Deputy Elections Officer Antonio Vera.

Those selected by the community to serve as their representatives for the next four years will take their oath of office on November 5th.

The city  has provided a number of resources to review when it comes to the fall vote, you can explore those further here.

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School District notes and issues can be reviewed here.

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