Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Port of Prince Rupert to review 2017 and look ahead to the future with Annual Public Meeting tonight

Prince Rupert's North Coast Meeting and Convention Centre is the setting for tonight's state of the Port address, as the Prince Rupert Port Authority provides for its annual Annual Public Meeting, set for two hours from 6 to 8 PM.

The annual event has in the past provided a glimpse into some of the port's performance highlights, financial statements and recent developments, as well as an update on some of the future plans that may be in the development phase along the North Coast waterfront.

The latest notes from the Port of Prince Rupert will be delivered tonight
as the PRPA hosts its Annual Public Meeting at the North Coast Convention Centre

Through its social media accounts, the Port is noting that tonight's presentation will see staff members answering questions about the port's contributions to the community, marine safety, environment and Canadian trade.

Among some of the other projects that the public may want to hear more about will be any further expansion plans for the Fairview Container Terminal, the progress on the Port's plans for the container bypass road that will travel south from Fairview to Ridley Island along the waterfront and the current status of the Wolverine Marine Fuels Terminal project on the Prince Rupert waterfront.

The doors open tonight at 5:30 withe the formal presentation scheduled for 6 PM, those than can't attend can tune in through the Port's Facebook page, where the event will be streamed live.

Following the delivery of the Annual Report, the document will be made available on line for further review.

You can get a quick review of some of those Port of Prince Rupert terminal operations from our archive page here.

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