Friday, June 15, 2018

Civic Centre's outdoor gym stands ready for the Sun

With what could be the first extended stretch of summer like weather just ahead, (providing Environment Canada keeps its promise), the opportunity for Prince Rupert's exercise enthusiasts to reacquaint themselves with the City's Outdoor Gym will be one option for those that may have forgotten that that the equipment is there.

The Green Gym which was introduced to the community in the fall of 2019, was part of the city's approach to the Active Communities program at the time, with sixteen stations introduced to the public to provide some incentive towards physical fitness.

As they years have moved forward however, and with Prince Rupert's weather at times not particularly helpful to assist you in feeling the burn, the facility at times has been used more as a playground for youngsters visiting the Civic Centre, than as a physical fitness option. 

Located in the front area of the Civic Centre Complex alongside the plaza near Hays Creek, the work out area features a range of work out stations to ease you back into an exercise regimen. 

A sample of some of the outdoor exercise equipment in place at
the Civic Centre complex on McBride Street

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