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Blog Watching: Week ending June 24, 2018

In the course of most weeks, any news out of the Port of Prince Rupert would dominate the news flow and quickly rise to the top of the listings of our five most read items, and while the Port does claim volume on the week, the top spot on the blog's reading list belongs to the nation's top politician.

That from the journey to Prince Rupert by Prime Minister Trudeau an event whichc captured a fair bit of attention, in a very short period of time.

Port news however did share some of the spotlight this week as well, with three of our five stories focused on news coming out of the Annual Public meeting held at the North Coast Convention Centre on Tuesday evening.

The only other story to crack the list of five, came from our notes on Monday's official name change for the regional college, as NWCC faded into the sunset, with the morning of Monday introducing Coast Mountain College across all campus locations in the Northwest.

The top story of the week however belongs to Mr. Trudeau, who created quite the buzz with his short stopover in the city, a visit that was framed in matters of reconciliation with First Nations and was catalogued through many options by local residents through Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

Prime Minister to make Prince Rupert pit stop on Thursday  -- Word first began to circulate on Wednesday morning of the prospect of a visit to Prince Rupert by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, leading to some social media speculation as to why he was coming and the odd report that he was already here. As Thursday morning moved forward, the purpose became clear, with the Prime Minister and representatives from a number of Coastal First Nations announcing an agreement on Marine Protection on the North and Central Coast.    (posted June 20, 2018)

That article was followed by:

Shaun Stevenson puts focus on Port of Prince Rupert's short and long term future plans  -- One of a number of our notes on this week's Port announcements that captured the attention of readers, this one putting the spotlight on some of the upcoming plans for development  .     (posted June 21, 2018)

Green light given for Port's Fairview Expansion plans   -- Tuesday's roll out of Port announcements started out with a significant one, that of the approval for expansion once again of the Fairview Terminal with capacity to shift towards the south of the existing facility.    (posted June 19, 2018)

Shaun Stevenson to take the helm of Port of Prince Rupert as CEO and President  -- As part of Tuesday's Annual Public Meeting, Port Chair Bud Smith announced that the Board had selected the replacement for Don Krusel to head the Port Authority, naming Shaun Stevenson the post. A look at some of the other notes from the Port Chair can be found here.   (posted June 19, 2018)

Out with the Old; In with the new! Introducing the New Coast Mountain College  -- Monday was launch day for Coast Mountain College, the rebranding of Northwest Community College, the old name was retired and new signs went up at all of the regional campus locations in the Northwest.    (posted June 18 , 2018 )

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