Thursday, June 28, 2018

Councillors Cunningham, Randhawa hail work on Mariners Park, Atlin Promenade

A refurbished play area and a new sign are the latest additions to the
City of Prince Rupert's Pacific Mariner's Memorial Park

The final moments of Monday's City Council Session were turned over to council members, with the recent reopening of the Mariner's Park play area and dedication of a new sign for the park high on the list of things to salute for Councillors Barry Cunningham and Gurvinder Randhawa.

Councillor Randhawa passed on his congratulations on the opening of both the Atlin Promenade and the return to use of the Mariner's Park Children's area and noted the community partnerships that were formed to bring those two openings together.

The Atlin Promenade linking the Atlin and Northland Terminals was
officially opened to the public earlier this month

For his part, Councillor Cunningham also took note of the opening of Mariner's Park and the atmosphere that the opening created in the park, he also paid tribute to those that contributed towards the park revival.

Making sure to include the work of city workers in helping to install the new park, adding that he wanted to make sure that they were recognized as well.

"It was just nice to see the park so full of people and you gotta thank the people that actually contributed to it ... and one group of people that weren't mentioned is the city workers, who put a lot of time and effort in there.  And even though they didn't put a lot of money in there they put a lot of effort into it and they were around there and it's nice to see that they are recognized too"

The city celebrated the re-opening of the playground area after is recent warranty work on Saturday afternoon with a public event, at the same time they also debuted the new sign (see top of the page) which now greets visitors to the downtown park.

You can review some of the events and photos from Saturday's celebration from the City of Prince Rupert Facebook page.

With Mariner's Park now back in operation for the youth of the city, Council can turn its attention towards moving the McKay Street park project forward.

That facility, which was built by community members earlier this spring, has been closed to the area youngsters since April.  The site in need for some further foundation work and an inspection from the city's municipal insurance advisors, a pair hurdles which have kept the youngsters from their summer fun.

Earlier this month, the city anticipated that the park will be opened to the public sometime in early July.

Note: The City of Prince Rupert has not made the video re-broadcast of Monday's Council session available as of yet, should they update their video record archive, we will add the Council presentation from Monday to this story.

Update:  The June 25th council Video was uploaded to the City's YouTube portal on July 6, 2018

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