Friday, June 15, 2018

Rules for Cow Bay Float access now posted at city operated dock site

For those looking to make use of the city's new float, recently put in place adjacent to the Cow Bay Marina dock, there are now a few rules that you will need to take note of before you come up alongside.

A new sign was posted at the dock site this week, providing the advisory that use making use of the kayak and canoe float have but two hours of available time, with no overnight use allowed and the advisory that swimming from the float is prohibited.

In addition to the new signage, the City has also put in place the steps that lead to the dock, making access to the float that much easier.

The topic of the use of the new addition to the Cow Bay dock became somewhat of a discussion topic at City Council recently, as Councillor Cunningham relayed some of the comments from the community about access to the dock, with Mr. Cunningham calling attention to the presence of two large outrigger canoes that have taken up permanent residence on the dock.

And as the photos below indicate, once those Outrigger vessels are in place, there's not really a lot of room for the other recreational users to make use of, something that would seem to limit the opportunity for use to only a few users during that two hour window.

Two views of the new Cow Bay Marina float addition

During the course of a presentation to Council in May, the Outrigger Society outlined that they have paid rental fees of $325 in 2016 and $550 in 2017 for the storage of their vessels on the dock.

At that same Council meeting Mayor Lee Brain noted that there is a need for the City to develop a long  term policy when it comes to access for the facility,.

Considering some of the concerns that have been relayed to council related to access to the float, that is something which may provide for a range of discussion points for whenever the city issues the call for feedback from the public.

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