Thursday, June 14, 2018

MLA Rice recaps first year on government side with home mailer

Back in town for Seafest, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice
An update on her work in Victoria over the last year has been
delivered to North Coast residents this week

(photo from MLA Rice Facebook page)

Jennifer Rice is at your doorstep ... no she's not physically standing on your stoop or in the hallway of your apartment building, but somewhere in your mailbox is the latest greeting from the North Coast MLA.

A four page home mailer for constituents heralds some of the work of the last year, with the MLA making note of her change in status from that of Opposition member to a representative of the governing party in Victoria, observing how her position as Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness has made for a "whole different experience from working opposition".

That focus on her duties in the area of Emergency Preparedness makes for one full page of the four page information stream, with the MLA offering a look at the Spring flood situation, preparation for Tsunami and Floods and how the province is matching donations for those who have donated to the Red Cross flood relief program.

A look at the Provincial budget as well as some of the recent moves by the NDP government get a mention as well, with thoughts on Housing, Health Care, Child Care and commitments to Reconciliation all included, along with snapshots of the MLA with local politicians or at local events.

The delivery of funding for agencies and organizations across the riding is also up for a review, with the Prince Rupert based Ecotrust Canada office mentioned, along with a reminder of the 100,000 dollars that the organization received to be put towards its North Coast Innovation Lab project.

As for local issues, Ms Rice hails the CityWest led Subsea Fibre optic project that will bring better Internet to the North Coast, Haida Gwaii and coastal communities, making note of the federal and provincial funding that will be provided for the work.

Education is also a theme on the front page of the home mailer, with the MLA highlighting some of the increased funding for school facilities in the North Coast constituency, including repairs planned for the Prince Rupert Middle School.  

We first made note of those plans back in March and as we outlined on the blog in May, those renovations will get underway with a roofing project, with other repairs set for the aging middle school.

And while she notes that discussions with SD52 continue towards a plan for replacement of the school, the pace of that timeline seems somewhat less urgent than when the MLA was on the campaign trail one year ago.

With a good portion of that campaign focused on how the Liberal government needed to address the long running issues of the PRMS replacement plan.

On the off chance that you may have inadvertently sent the mailer off to recycling already, you can review each element of the home talking points from our snapshots below:

The latest home mailer from
North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice

(click to enlarge)

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