Thursday, June 21, 2018

Atlin Promenade celebrated with official opening Wednesday

Another piece of a growing waterfront walkway, with the Atlin Promenade
given its official opening on Wednesday

It's been open and seen quite a bit of use for a few weeks now, but Wednesday brought out the dignitaries to help celebrate the latest addition to the Prince Rupert waterfront, as the Prince Rupert Port Authority invited a range of guests to cut the ribbon to the new Atlin Promenade.

At 80 metres in length, the promenade not only provides a walk way between the Atlin and Northland Terminals, but also makes for another link in what is evolving into a shoreline walkway project that stretches from the Kwinitsa Rail station museum at Rotary Waterfront park to the soon to be opened Rushbrook trail on the city's east side.

Shaun Stevenson, the recently named CEO and President of the Port of Prince Rupert, took note of the partnerships that the Port is building as it continues to transform the Atlin Waterfront area into community asset and attraction.

“Its taken time, but we’re proud of the transformation that we’ve been able to be a big part of over the last two decades,”  ... “We’ve tried hard to find win-win projects like the Atlin Promenade, where we’ve been able to support the priorities of our business and local residents. Our biggest successes have been achieved when we’ve been able to be arm-in-arm with our partners and our community.”

The start of the Atlin Promenade looking east, linking Northland Terminal
with the Atlin Terminal and Cow Bay Dock

The official opening of the Atlin Promenade provides for one more link
into what has become a fairly extensive walkway system between the
Rotary Waterfront Park and the soon to open Rushbrok Trail

The Atlin Promenade is one of a number of projects that have helped to reinvigorate the Cow Bay waterfront area, with the Port having invested close to 20 million dollars in the area since 1999.

Included among some of the major changes to the Cow Bay district were the renovation of the Atlin Terminal, construction of the Northland Cruise Terminal, redevelopment of the parking area and creation of a rest area at the east end of the Atlin lands and contributions towards the City of Prince Rupert's Cow Bay Marina project.

You can review some of the background to those projects and some of the other elements of the Port's planning for the area from this information release from Wednesday.

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