Thursday, June 14, 2018

A chance to take to Sea (or at least the Harbour) with the City of Prince Rupert

The Digby Island Ferry has the Help Wanted sign out

Pack your duffel bag and bid your sweetheart a farewell, the call of the sea is sounding from City Hall, with an opportunity to serve in the City's naval operations.

The City of Prince Rupert has issued its call for Mariners as it looks to fill a position for a crew member for the Digby Island Ferry which transports passengers and workers to and from the Prince Rupert airport, posting the employment opportunity to the City's Website this week.

The position which is that of a Deckhand/Relief Mate has a closing date of July 9th.

The job posting notes that the key responsibilities include:

Mooring the Vessel
The Safe Loading and Unloading of the vessel
Assist in the Safe Navigation of the vessel
Respond to Emergencies
And engage in other duties as assigned.

Applicants require a Grade Twelve diploma and a valid Chief mate 150 Gross Tonnage, Domestic Certificate and valid marine Certificate

The employment posting also notes that the successful candidate must be reliable, have a positive attitude and strong work ethic and be available for work as a Mate when the schedule requires.

No salary parameters were provided as part of the job listing, the position on board the Ferry is part of the Canadian Merchant Service Guild.

The most recent copy of the collective agreement between the Guild and the City of Prince Rupert, filed with the British Columbia Labour Board is available here.

It provides some of the scope of the work and negotiated salary and benefit package that makes for the Airport Ferry service.

According to the notes from the provincial body, the hourly rate for a Mate on the Ferry is listed at $37.36 as of he contract of July 2017.

The Salary Grid as listed with the BC Labour Relations Board
(click to enlarge)

The Digby Island ferry makes seven crossings a day Monday to Friday, six on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can review some of the past employment opportunities with the City of Prince Rupert from our archive page here.

More notes about the City of Prince Rupert Operations and from City Council can be found here.

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